Shower Tray

Custom shower trays in resin, ceramic, glass and stoneware with a made in Italy design

Design and quality, these are the great features at the base of the shower trays proposed by Viadurini, the shower trays are an important element in our bathrooms. Different materials, shapes and sizes, these represent the best solution to have a shower with a modern and always current design, perfect to combine with the different boxes.

You can find different types of shower trays in sizes and materials such as: resin, ceramic, glass and gress. The choice of material is important, but functionality and space must also be taken into account.

Each material has its advantages:

  • The ceramic, classic, durable and easy to clean.
  • Then there is stoneware, very light, non-slip and easy to install.
  • For each solution, on the other hand, there are resin shower trays, ultra thin and available in various colors and finishes, their best feature is that they are made to measure and can be cut as desired, making them suitable for every shower box.

Rectangular, square or semicircular shower trays, the shower trays can also be flush with the floor. These, unlike the classic shower tray which creates a step, can be installed directly on under floor joists. In this way, a flush-to-floor access solution is created which does not require any positioning on the fixing frames.

For any question or doubt, contact our Help Desk customer service, we will be happy to answer all your needs.