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Single mattress in latex or memory foam made in Italy for quality and hypoallergenic material.

What makes these articles exceptional is the fact that they are not classic spring mattresses where the body has to adapt to their shape.
In fact, latex is a flexible, elastic, hypoallergenic, transpiring, anti-magnetic material that adapts perfectly to the person's body.
The bedroom remains the room where to rest the body and the spirit before starting a new wonderful day.

Sleeping in a single memory mattress is a guarantee of comfort and certified by the Made in Italy brand.
The staff of Viadurinimilano selects only quality products made of excellent materials, durable and long-lasting.
In this catalog you can find beautiful single mattresses in viscoelastic, latex and memory at very affordable and competitive prices.

If you have questions, doubts or want more information on the properties of latex mattresses, our staff is available to you via email or direct chat on our site.