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Vintage floor lamps that can light up your made in Italy environments in an elegant and industrial way.

Here you can surely solve your doubts by finding the kind of floor lamp that is most suited to your personal taste and to the your style of furniture.

The lamps of this category have been carefully chosen by our staff, which is committed to offering only the best of lighting. Thanks to the used materials and the lines of the products, it is possible to add those pieces of furniture both in a classic environment both in a more modern style environment, giving in both cases a chic touch that catch the attention.

The made in Italy brand and the high quality of the raw materials perfectly combine in an innovative lighting idea able to create play of light that will not go unnoticed in your house.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of those vintage lamps and choose the one that is most suited to your needs and that is in line with the taste of the whole family. With just a few clicks you will receive a beautiful vintage floor lamp to furnish your space and if you have any questions or doubts do not exitate to contact our staff through the dedicated format, via email or by telephone.