Shabby Chic Wall Lamps

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Wall lamp and wall sconces in Provencal style shabby chic for lighting made in Italy

If you are looking for a lighting that is in step with the times but that do not give up on a recall to the past with his shabby design, this section of our catalogue is perfect for you.

Any proposed idea on our website is characterized by a retrò design that do not go unnoticed thanks to his characteristic shape and his vintage decoration.

The shabby applique selected and proposed by our staff, perfectly combine a functional design that allows to create play of lights and magical atmosphere, and a quality of materials of great importance.

Each piece on this category of products gives a chic and retrò touch to any environment thanks to his decoration that exalt the elegance and the charm.

Choose the shabby applique that is most suitable to your style and your taste, without giving up on the style element and the italian design that characterizes it and with just a few clicks you will receive at home a beautiful piece of furniture. For any question or doubt do not exitate to contact our staff that will be pleased to help you during the whole purchase process.