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Electric fireplaces with modern design for the wall, floor or corner of your home

Perfect for those who want to have a fireplace without having a chimney and without having to go crazy for its maintenance.

Moreover, if you love refined furnishing products, the modern design electric fireplaces will be an excellent option to tastefully furnish your living room.

pply of electric fireplaces - as the name implies - is completely electric.

In particular, the modern electric fireplace that you find on sale on Viadurinimilano uses a unique water technology that allows a flames and smoke effect. This, combined with faux wood and a bright and sparkling ash bed, produces an effect that exceeds all expectations of realism in an electric fire. The three-dimensional effect, on the other hand, is achieved by means of ultrasounds which allow the creation of a very fine nebulisation of the water, which, when illuminated, creates an extremely realistic effect.

With a liter of water you can feed the fireplace for 12 hours.

For those who want more than the aesthetic aspect also the heating function for the surrounding environment just like a classic fireplace, some models are equipped with a practical heating function that can be adjusted to a different power level with a practical remote control provided with series.

The growing success of electric fireplaces has led important furniture designers to create new models that are increasingly beautiful and sophisticated, with intriguing shapes and suitable for different uses. So electric fireplaces insert on the wall or on furniture, tabletop fireplaces and the floor fireplaces. For those without large interior spaces, numerous models of electric fireplace with reduced thickness and limited overall dimensions have been developed. Some are also equipped with interchangeable frames (double-face) and can therefore be customized to suit your taste.

Let yourself be amazed by the many products of the Viadurinimilano Fire Design line. If you have any questions or need more information about any product, do not hesitate to contact our staff. We will be happy to help you choose the product that best suits your needs and to assist you during your online purchase so that you can become fast and easy.