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Realistic electric fireplace insert for a design heating designed by Italian craftsmen

The fact of being recessed on the wall or on a piece of furniture and not protruding or protruding very little makes it not only a beautiful object, but also a little cumbersome.

Modern electric fireplaces insert are a piece of furniture that is easy to manage. In fact, they do not dirty, do not clutter and are of minimal environmental impact, as well as having very low electrical consumption. The ultrasonic technology with which the water is sprayed to create the realistic flames and smoke effect requires only one liter of tap water with which the fireplace will be powered for 12 hours! So the "flames and fire" effect combined with fake wood and a bright and sparkling ash bed, produces a special and totally real effect!

Let yourself be amazed by the many products of the Viadurinimilano Collection Fire, you will find many models of electric fireplaces insert, including modular models that have total versatility, in fact they can also be placed in large numbers to create unimaginable fire fronts, freely wood or any flammable material, in niches in walls, in table or furniture, simply anywhere. Contact our staff for a personalized quote.