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Modern freestanding electric fireplace to furnish a designer home: heating produced and designed by Italian craftsmen

These fireplaces will allow you to furnish your living room with a modern design object capable of creating a special atmosphere in your home.

The freestanding indoor electric fireplace are in great demand because they have essential and modern lines that mix with the geometries of stainless steel with tempered glass and the manual art of the variations in fine ceramic. A touch of glamor for a refined and elegant home.

Furthermore, extremely low power consumption makes it a very interesting product. The average cost for aesthetic operation is 4 euro cents per hour. Moreover, although using water vapour to recreate a flames and smoke effect of incredible realism they consume very little: with a liter of tap water, we can feed the fireplace for 12 hours.

Let yourself be amazed by the many products of the Viadurinimilano Fire Design line, you will find many models and coatings of freestanding electric fireplaces. Buy all our products online and if you need assistance do not hesitate to contact our staff via the e-mail address and the phone number on our site. We will be happy to help you with your purchase and answer your questions.