Wall Bioethanol Fireplaces

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Bio ethanol fireplace wall mounted for a design environment and Made in Italy warmth

The bioethanol wall fireplaces blend the functional aspect with the aesthetics, enclosing warm fireplaces in modern structures with an innovative design.

Among our wonderful proposals there are wall fireplaces with the shape of a big flame, perfect for those who like to be original. For those who prefer classic rectangular shapes, there are wall fireplaces with painted wood or metal frame and glass on the front.

Big and small dimensions to meet your every need, depending on the size of the wall in which you want to place it. Whether you are passionate about the classic style or modern design, you will find the right solution for you.

In case of doubt or for more information please contact us. Our staff available via e-mail, in the chat at the bottom of the page and on the phone number on the site will be happy to help you throughout the purchase process.