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Modern glass display cabinet in wood for exhibitions in vintage or modern design, wall or floor.

In this section we present you a piece of furniture that most of you will no doubt remember in your grandparents' homes:the modern display cabinets!

Elegance and refinement are the protagonists. Structure made of natural acacia wood and metal feet produced in a way that enclose the entire window in a hug. If you like wood look also at display cabinet made of tulipwood and ebony veneer.

For an even more modern version, the protagonist material is aluminium. Ideal for those who need a showcase that occupies little space, vertical structure with shelves to display all your objects is available in the white or black version.

Finally for those who want to give a classic and baroque touch to their room, luxury, elegance and refinement are the keywords of the furniture you need. Purely classic elements, such as the carved base with baroque decorations, blend with contemporary details, such as the mirrored finish of the upper part. Made entirely in Italy by skilled craftsmen, it will surprise your guests thanks to its unique design.

Don't let yourself get away from the perfect modern display cabinets to give your house a modern touch!