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Modern or classic design sofa beds for made in Italy living room.

Viadurinimilano's sofa beds are great furniture pieces, perfect to make a living room not only pleasant to the eye but above all functional and practical, in order to fulfill all of your neeeds. Each product of this collection is designed for anyone who needs relaxetion or a bit of quiet.

Our 2 seat or 3 seat sofa beds are perfect if your house hasn't got a guest room. With Innovation and Viadurinimilano Living sofa beds you don't need a guest room. You can easily accomodate family and friends for the night, turning in few simple steps your sofa into a comfortable bed.

Choosing the comfortable sofa bed is important, not only for the aesthetic, each of them is provided with an high quality mattress, with pocket springs technology, which ensures an optimal comfort both day long and night long. In few simple steps your sofa becomes a comfortable double bed, perfect for a funny sleepover for your children or just to host a friend in need.

Contact us for any question, we will help you choosing the perfect sofa bed, according to your needs.