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Garden benches suitable for both a contract and a domestic and private environment - Customizable modern Italian design style.

Among our proposals you can find teak garden bench signed by the famous Italian brand Talenti, for those who love luxury and classic style.
Or metal garden bench made of painted aluminium that can be customized in terms of color. A modern style and made in Italy quality for those who love the simplicity of lines and shapes.

But Viadurinimilano also think of those who prefer the originality of the shapes by proposing a new brand called Slide that create outdoor benches made of polyethylene as the bench with the shape of the love written customizable in terms of color or the Snake modular seat to create compositions of unique benches with a radiant light.

For a custom quote please contact us, we will be happy to create your estimate and give you all the information you need to proceed with the purchase. We are available through the appropriate chat, the phone number you find on the site and our email address.