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Outdoor kitchen for the garden or poolside, the style and quality of Italian materials for a luxury and resistant product.

Do you want to organize a dinner with friends in your beautiful garden? Do you like to prepare fresh drinks to friends together with delicious appetizers?

We have a fantastic news for you, you shouldn't close yourself in the kitchen to make it! In this section of our website we show you the best garden kitchen. We are sure that these kitchens will satisfy all your needs.

These outdoor kitchens are made with special and innovaive materials, the stainless steel and the teak solid wood that create elegant and resitant lines. In addition all the kitchens have wheels to move them comfortably where you need it and a protective waterproof cover to protect them from the weather.

The trolley can have different types of cooktops:

  • plates one zone, the last induction technology;
  • the wok, typical of oriental cuisine, you can cook every food to the steam, a low heat or to fry it;
  • the teppanyakia plates based on the technology of induction that allow you to fry quckly without limitless in the size of pans; 
  • and at the ends the best known the grill.

A lot are the accessoires available for all the kitchens, like bottles holder, cutting boards and drawers to put all together yours tools.

How you can imagine what makes unique and functional this product is the opportunity to customize it. You can choose where put the different elements when you buy it!