An Ancient Italian Treasure on Viadurinimilano!

Today on the Viadurinimilano website you will find the exclusive objects for the table and kitchen made with the hand-printed fabrics by Marchi's family using an ancient wooden mangle, designed by Leonardo da Vinci, fully functional since 1633 and remained the only example in the world

This is one of the secret treasures that Viadurinimilano will distribute and make known all over the world. 

  • Tablecloths, 
  • napkins, 
  • breakfast sets,  
  • aprons, 
  • pillows and towels, 
  • pot holders, 
  • runners

And many other handcrafted products still made with old wooden molds and natural colors.

The Antica Stamperia Marchi remained the last workshop to produce these prints with the mangano technique, an ancient press capable of treating the canvas, ironing it, smoothing it up to making it shiny and compact. A unique procedure, Italian craftsmanship, cured in every detail using ultra-centenary tradition tools with techniques handed down from generation to generation by the Marchi family.

Colors also hide a secret. 

In fact, the colors used in the shop are natural and mineral. They are expertly dosed according to a secret family recipe. In the choice of colors in the Romagna prints, the rust color prevails, an indelible ocher yellow over time, intense blue, green and red

Discover this exclusive collection on our Viadurinimialno website!

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