Choose a Design Heating with Viadurinimilano Design Radiators

Viadurinimilano Design Radiators is the new radiator collection for home. Thanks to a very high degree of customization, it results a really elegant and unique line. The collection of these special heaters is produced by an Italian company specialized in heating but also in design. A perfect combination to create trendy models entirely Made in Italy.

Being fully composed by glass and aluminium, the Design Radiators Line is environmentally friendly and reduces to zero the environmental impact of the product.

Due to the use of latest technologies, the hydraulic system has high performance. In fact, with a much lower water consumption than conventional systems it is perfectly adaptable to heat pump systems or renewable energy sources. The electric version has the most advanced technology, which allows the product to understand which is the most proper way to heat the environment by preventing energy wastage to a minimum and keeping the surface temperature of the product. This causes an automatic block in front of sudden temperature changes within the environment. Among the many technical features, worth mentioning is the touch screen control system for the latest generation of infrared that allows in combination with the remote control to optimize its performance.

Through this collaboration, Viadurinimilano creates an extraordinary collection of radiators, which are able to enhance the design of the Italian tradition. The result is the creation of efficient  and unalterable products. All components are carefully selected for their eco-compatibility and recyclability characteristics. The Viadurinimilano Design Radiators Line, is optimized to work with photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, condensing boilers and other renewable energy systems.

The names of the protagonists of this line are: Jonny, Brian and Barry. All of them are available in both hydraulic and electric version. It is also possible to request the preferred model covered in glass, ceramic or wood. The Viadurinimilano Radiators Line is rich in many combinations of colors and materials, suitable for any environment where you can place practical accessories such as towel bars or hooks. 

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