Modern radiators designed by Xò By Metalform

Xò by Metalform is one of the most important companies that for over 30 years produces 100% Italian artisan radiators. This company has signed an agreement with Viadurinimilano, for the exclusive worldwide online distribution of its products.

Viadurini thus becomes an international showcase for the extraordinary collection of modern radiators, heated towel rail, radiating plates and various accessories, handcrafted in Italy.
The union between the authentic Italian manufacturing tradition and the international success of Viadurinimilano gives life to a collection of 33 models available in over 100 variations between electric and hydraulic that overturns the classic lines of the radiant elements thus creating original and creative products capable of embellishing and furnish any space.
The collection draws its inspiration directly from contemporary art and from the latest trends that cross Europe.

The materials are the best. All products are made and produced in Italy. Particular attention is also paid to metal alloys, hand-made for a more accurate yield.
But the real revolution is personalization. Thanks to the professionalism of the Xò by Metalform brand today are the radiators that adapt to you! Colors, patterns, patterns and completely customized sizes ready to be installed in your environment, will allow you to avoid any annoying and expensive masonry at home.
Finally all Metalform products can be requested with higher power than the standard. Thanks to their special coating, more water circulates and the product gives off more heat. The power ranges from 500 W to 2400 W. It is versatile in its position and ideal also for large rooms due to its caloric characteristics with the minimum water content.
Let yourself be enchanted by Xò products by Metalform design.

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